Обучение иностранному языку и время
Елена Михайловна Бразаускене
Вильнюсский университет
Publikuota 2009-12-01

Kaip cituoti

Михайловна Бразаускене Елена (2009) „Обучение иностранному языку и время“, Slavistica Vilnensis, 54(2), p. 287–291. Adresas: https://www.zurnalai.vu.lt/slavistica-vilnensis/article/view/26905 (žiūrėta: 12rugpjūčio2022).


This article reflects upon the textbook, ‘Lithuaniain Language for All’ (1992–1993), written by V. Chekmonas and I. Chekmoniene, which is still up-to-date. The novelty of this textbook lies in its approach to the teaching of the Lithuanian language as a speech activity rather than a system. The present task is to develop multilingual competence in a multicultural context. The Common European framework of reference for language learning, teaching and assessment represents the latest stage in a language teaching process. This document, as well as the European Language Portfolio, must be used in foreign-language teaching practices at the university level.

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